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Contractor Insurance

Complete Accounting has teamed up with Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance to offer our clients a comprehensive and compliant insurance package specifically for contractors.

As a Complete Accounting client you can take advantage of competitive rates for cover that is designed to protect your main exposures as a limited company contractor insurance. In particular professional indemnity, public liability, and employers liability, which all come with a price promise guarantee.

Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance is designed to protect contractors against claims for negligence, errors or omissions and bad advice. If you make a mistake at work and your client makes a claim against you, the policy will cover any compensation you need to pay as well as any legal costs you incur in the process.

Public Liability

Public liability insurance will cover you for any damage or injury to any third parties caused by your actions – whether you are on your own premises, in a client’s office or out on site. If a claim is made against you in respect of this cover, then your policy will cover legal fees and compensation paid to the third party.

Employers’ Liability

Most contracts are pretty standard and under the terms of your assignment your agency will usually require you to have employers’ liability insurance. This will provide cover for a spouse or partner employed in an admin or clerical role. Furthermore, if you are unable to fulfil a contract and are required by contract to employ a qualified replacement to complete the work, then this part of your policy would cover them as well.